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KRYSSREST' - Custom made left handed shoulder rest.
Custom made, left
handed shoulder
rest for violins.
Visit our Music page!

Teamwork Handcrafts produces a wide range of individually handcrafted items. Our policy is to be versatile, to produce individually crafted works of exceptional quality and to pass on these skills to others.

We offer a range of workshops and will travel to both urban and rural locations to teach. In fact we will travel just about anywhere! Teamwork Illustration Services cover botanical illustration, graphic art and book illustration (including children's books).

We specialise in hand done artwork, rather than computer generated art, although we believe both have their place. No job is too large or too small (we work on murals or miniatures) and we are prepared to consider any unusual requests.

The Home of the World Tea Cosy Championships is in Miles, Queensland, Australia. The last championship was held in 2006. It will be held every four years, the next competition being due in 2010. A selection of tea cosies are at present touring Queensland under the title of the 'MAID 4 T' Exhibition. The exhibition is organised by the Queensland Arts Council and is proving very successful.

The current world champion tea cosy is 'Mossy Bank' and was made by Penny Eamer of Teamwork Handcrafts. See 'Mossy Bank' .... here!

Visit our fabric gallery. You will find fabric sculptures, farmyard chickens, chicken kits, bags and many other beautiful works. We often combine polymer clay with our fabric work to achieve a special touch and have a workshop designed specifically for those fabric workers interested in making their own 'special decorative bits and pieces'. A new door opens when you discover what you can do with this phenomenal clay.

Fabric paints open another new door, there is no end to the possibilities! These are two of our favourite workshops. Fabric workers design service. We will design certain individual needlework projects for you. and discuss your ideas.

The superb detail of our fauna sculptures often cause viewers to question if the creature is real. The illusion of reality comes purely from a love of nature, astute long-term observation of the subject and hours of patient attention to detail. The magic of polymer clay allows such fine work.

* Be warned that wild birds may attack the lizard and frog sculptures if they are left unprotected in the open. This has happened more than once! We take these attacks as a great compliment!

Many of the works seen on this site are one-offs. Others come as limited editions. We do not use moulds. Even works that come in limited editions are individually made and, consequently, each piece is different. Individual crafting means that exact copies are impossible and, we feel, undesirable.

Purchasing items from our stock ranges is simple. Print the order form, fill it in and post it to us. Are you interested in items not shown on this site? as we may be able to assist.

This site reflects our versatility and we invite you to peruse our pages.

All sizes and weights given on this site are approximate only. Each item varies slightly.
No fauna or parts thereof are used at any stage in the production of our works.


Polymer clay is a relatively low firing clay. It comes in a range of colours which can be mixed as desired. Some companies manufacture two types - an amateur and a professional medium.

When fired, clay can be carved, sanded, painted or worked on a lathe. All the polymer sculptures available from this site, with careful handling, will last for many years.

All polymer clay items on this site are made from the highest quality professional medium.

See the winner .... here!

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